Six of the best

With so many CRM providers available, why do our clients choose Student CRM year after year?

As well as improving conversion rates, enhancing marketing communications and increasing student recruitment figures, Student CRM is also popular among universities for the following reasons:

1. Made in the UK

Student CRM was built right here on the South Coast in Poole, Dorset by our team of talented Developers. Our great location not only makes face to face meetings and training convenient, but it means our Customer Support team is available during your working hours, in your timezone. 

2. Built specifically for HE

Our platform was built specifically for the higher education sector. Each app was built with universities and student recruitment in mind and that's the way it's going to stay. Forever.

3. Created by us

Unlike other providers and resellers, Student CRM is ours. We own it. We built it from scratch and are developing the code on a daily basis to make it an even better CRM for our users.

4. It's a modular system

We currently have 25 apps, each one to target a specific area of recruitment, including managing enquiries, applications, open days, surveys, data capture and more. Pick and mix to choose the apps most relevant to suit your university's recruitment plan.  

5. Roadmap for the future

We listen to our users' needs and have a feature idea forum in our Help Centre where users submit ideas.

A lot of what we've launched in the past started out as a feature idea from a user which was then brainstormed in-house, and created by our team. Some of our CRM users have even formed a usergroup where they regularly meet up to discuss Student CRM and recruitment in general.

6. Ongoing customer support

We've got a team of student recruitment experts in-house to help set up your open days and respond to your technical queries as well as an online Help Centre full of 500+ articles.

Our users rate the service received and leave comments in our live customer satisfaction rating page, called the DH Love-o-meter.