How your university officers handle both sweet and sour student enquiries

Sweet and sour student enquiries

When you are managing new student enquiries all day every day, you come across all types of enquiry. From the sweetest and most grateful to the sourest and hardest to please. Not easy.

We find that each officer managing enquiries in Student CRM is typically maintaining up to 25 open conversations with student enquirers at any one time. So they need quick and reliable tools that help them deal with all eventualities. They need to switch style and approach to help each student feel like they have connected with a real human being who listens and cares.

Not a bot. Not a fan of bots.

Give me real people very time.

Example of an ‘ 01. Anything else I can help with?' signature.

Example of an ‘01. Anything else I can help with?' signature.

One size does not fit all

Depending on each enquiry you should be able to drop in any of your saved signatures, each one with a different purpose, ie:

  • '01. Just looking into that for you' (holding whilst you ask an expert or a colleague).

  • '01. Anything else I can help with?' (you think it's all wrapped up but want to check before closing).

  • '01. Thank you and bye' (you are closing this now as the student appears satisfied).

  • '01. Screamer' (student is irate so you empathise and reassure you are working to resolve the issue as a priority).

  • '01. Sweetie' (student is very pleased, so you ask her to spread the love on social media with links).

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