For Reporting

You have access to many different built-in reports in Student CRM.

Every time Student CRM performs an action, it stores a record of who did what and when, for example ‘Sally Smith requested a prospectus online at 13:00 on 12 Nov 2013’ or ‘Touchpoint #4 (email) was sent to Chris Brown at 14:45 on 12 Nov 2013’, etc.

The Events Log is used for two purposes: to maintain an audit trail of every interaction your University has with each student, and to generate reports.

There are two ways to generate reports: on-platform and off-platform. The on-platform reports are available at any time for logged-in users to view in separate apps inside Student CRM. They are fixed operational reports to support teams, such as: ‘how many bookings so far for one open day’, etc.

The off-platform reports are not available for viewing inside Student CRM, but are instead available within your own University’s chosen reporting tools, like BI tools: Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau or IBM’s Cognos. These off-platform reports are suited to detailed strategic analysis of bulk data sets covering many years.

  • In each Student CRM app you will find reports specific to that activity. 
  • If you have 5 remaining open days it will show you top level details about how close to your overall bookings targets you are.
  • For operational needs these reports serve the CRM users well, as they organise and run those particular recruitment activities. 
  • Your Open Days Coordinator can monitor progress and make adjustments to each day as required.
  • Connect your chosen BI tools via ODBC to your Student CRM data available in our Data Warehouse cluster.
  • All data is stored in an Amazon RedShift Data Warehouse cluster within the EEA.
  • Choose the tables and fields you need to work with in your chosen BI tool.
  • Create and share your own dashboards including live drilldown reports with non-CRM users.