For Enquiries

Your website is alive with anonymous prospective students, each searching for information to help them choose you. The Student CRM approach, adopted by many leading UK universities is to collect student data whenever possible, using our web forms.

Branded to look just like any other web page on your site, these web forms collect just the right amount of information, and respond automatically on your behalf whilst you look at the enquiry in detail. For students who request your latest prospectus, the entire transaction can be completed automatically (including follow-up emails), leading the student gently forwards along their journey.

Collect and fulfil prospectus requests. Enable your team to respond to individual questions by using the built-in knowledgebase so every enquiry is answered promptly and perfectly. Collect student data at events on your iPads (even when there is no WiFi it works like magic) and follow-up afterwards.

“It is without a doubt the very best student recruitment solution for our needs and responds to ever growing complexity.”

Pro Vice Chancellor, University client

Store every enquiry and response under each student automatically

  • Send branded automated touchpoints to enquirers.
  • Your touchpoints continue to build the relationship long after the initial enquiry, without you or your team lifting a finger.
  • Students’ details are collected online and sent in secure batches to your mailing house ready for same-day prospectus dispatch.
  • Provide digital or postal fulfilment.
  • Automatically re-route enquiries to the correct team.
  • Each team can create and update its own knowledge-base.
  • Build a library of standard responses complete with PDF links for common topics such as location, fees, course and others, in addition to a personalised message.