For Technology

This SaaS solution is quick to implement, requiring a minimum of your IT resources to get started. Student CRM can easily integrate with your internal systems via the well-documented APIs in our Dev Centre.

This is a fully-built multi-tenant solution, and requires minimal configuration to use straight out of the box. Unlimited sandboxes allow you to test connectivity away from your live data, and each one can be provisioned with 24-hours notice.

The codebase is written and supported by our own in-house devs in our UK offices, working to UK hours. You do not need to install, support, maintain or bug-fix our code. 

This is a low-impact, stable cloud solution and has been used by many leading UK Universities. 

All access to the CRM is done via HTTPS. This is tuned to the level of having forward secrecy, TLS-only protocols (no SSLv3/v2), and high grade ECDHE RSA cipher suites. 

Server access is through highly secure SSH key system with fail2ban implemented on any open ports. 

Audit logs are enabled and alert key parties upon any risky interactions. Each user interaction is logged for security audit purposes and to support threat detection. 

Resilient Student CRM SaaS built specifically for the UK higher education sector

  • Our resilient, scalable, load-balanced cloud solution is hosted and fully managed in the UK by Rackspace.
  • Service availability (uptime and response times) monitored to ensure compliance with our three-9s SLA.
  • Data is all fully compliant with Data Protection requirements, being hosted, stored, processed and backed up in the EEA (multiple sites).
  • Unlimited data storage, users and API calls.
  • Backups: We maintain a 24-hour RPO and a 12-hour RTO.
  • DR/BC: full coverage with CRM server restoration SLA of within 24 hours, and CRM data restoration SLA of 12 hours.
  • Rolling code updates with zero interruption to users, and zero involvement from your IT services.
  • Integration support via our well-documented APIs in our Dev Centre, and one-to-one support from our devs.