The power of Student CRM

"How will Student CRM benefit our university?" we hear you ask. Well, it's been built from the ground up for the sole purpose of student recruitment for UK higher education, right here in Poole. Our product is constantly evolving with new features and improvements being launched every month.


What sets us apart?

Along with increased student conversion rates, reduced admin costs and improving the overall student experience, Student CRM also:

  • Provides a central unified point to store all prospect information for all departments.
  • Every student interaction and every communication with the student is stored and logged.
  • A modular system that expands with you as your requirements change.
  • Domestic and international students are siloed preventing accidental communication with the wrong group of students.
  • Full integration with the Royal Mail’s PAF for accurate address population.
  • Automated fulfilment data delivery for rapid prospectus delivery.
  • Advanced duplication prevention system to identify known students.
  • An easy-to-use document library allows you to instantly upload and publish marketing documents.
  • Provides fully dynamic forms so levels of study, course lists and entry points are always up-to-date.
  • Course lists are dynamically displayed based on year of entry.
  • Comprehensive workflow and touchpoint system allowing instant and triggered communications via email, sms, letter or post (printed labels).
  • Rapidly respond to student enquiries using a self learning bank of responses.
  • Provide offline student information capture at international and domestic recruitment events.
  • Highly configurable, comprehensive events offerings allowing simple or complex events for both prospects and applicants.
  • Increases event prebookings and attendance rates (clients are quoting over 80% attendance rates).
  • Increases your capacity whilst reducing the burden on your recruitment team.
  • Constantly evolving system with new features and improvements being launched every month.
  • Full user management with multiple permission levels.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting facilities.
  • Full support team based in the UK, working UK office hours.

So our super system, combined with our super UK-based support is a winning combination for universities across the UK. That's what our clients tell us.