City University London climbs 19 places in the Guardian University Guide 2017

Congratulations to our client, City University London who have jumped 19 places up the Guardian University Guide 2017 League Tables to 18th position.

They've climbed into the UK top 20 universities for the first time and are ranked 4th university in London. 

The fantastic increase through the rankings from 37th to 18th is partially due to the rise in City's student satisfaction ratings that helped to drive their improvement. 

Congratulations to all at City University London.

Segments & Filters in Student Record Card

On Tuesday 31 May 2016 we released Segments & Filters in Student Database.

You can now filter on all fields on the student’s Record Card and create some truly detailed segments, like this one:

Find me all prospective domestic UG students who:

  • were previously interested in Law AND
  • recently switched to being interested in Engineering AND
  • want to start in 2017 AND
  • are currently 21 years old AND
  • currently live in the United Kingdom AND
  • have a valid mobile number AND
  • were last contacted over 30 days ago.

That is mighty powerful, and takes your targeted marketing communications to a whole new level now.

Data Harvesting Universities user meetup grows out of a City University London idea

In April 2016 Student CRM users from UK Universities, already in touch online via the Student CRM Community Portal, arranged to all meet up in person at City University London. Ryan Taylor, Head of Digital at City, was interested to find out how other Universities were getting the most value from this UK based SaaS solution from Data Harvesting.

The gathering of like-minded student recruitment professionals has evolved into the ‘Data Harvesting Universities User Group’. This April meeting was to become the inaugural forum for this user group, now open to all Student CRM users in other Universities who wish to participate.

The Data Harvesting Universities User Group holds a bi-monthly meetup and participating Universities volunteer to host the User Group Forum on their campus. The group meets to share CRM best practice, and work collaboratively with Data Harvesting to develop the product and service.

This initiative is supported by Data Harvesting who attended the May 2016 meeting to present the Product Roadmap. This Roadmap, published for the first time in May 2016, is freely available for anyone, not just Data Harvesting’s customers, and is now updated monthly at http://www.student-crm.co.uk/roadmap

If you are using Student CRM and would like to be involved in the group and attend the next meet up, please contact Ricky Pitcher, CRM Executive at City University London on Ricky.Pitcher@city.ac.uk or 020 7040 4241. While City is helping to coordinate the group at this early stage, they’re keen to point out all Universities have equal standing.


500+ articles in new Help Centre

This new look to our Student CRM Help Centre is super clean.

It’s so easy to search the 500+ articles, videos, checklists, and ideas available. There’s also a new dedicated forum for those users who are interested in the Student CRM User Group.

Lots of goodies to help you become a CRM black belt. The Student CRM Help Centre is available 24:7:365 so you can get help during the hours that suit you.

Import 10,000 student records in just a couple of minutes

Data Manager APP launched

Our latest app, Data Manager, contains a collection of tools that allow users to manage their student data in Student CRM. The first tool is Data Importer and allows users to import their own CSV data files directly into Student CRM.

By matching the columns in your CSV files to the fields in Student CRM you can quickly import thousands of new students into your Student Database in just a few clicks. 

So, after a day of collecting prospective students' details, or even using UCAS Media's scanning service, users can upload any CSV file ready to start communicating with those students.

Select a workflow during import and ensure the perfect personalised emails/texts get sent out afterwards. There is nothing this easy to use available anywhere else.

BI brings your data to life

Transform recruitment data into rich visuals

Student CRM transforms real-time recruitment statistics into rich charts, graphs and visuals by integrating with Microsoft's Power BI to show all your recruitment activities pinned on one dashboard.

Identify recruitment trends, analyse which activities are giving you the best return on investment and plan for the year ahead.

Admissions might ask "How many conditional offers did we make this week for each faculty?" whereas Marcomms might ask "How many students open and click our transactional emails?" which is all easy to see on your own customisable Power BI dashboards. 

Ask us today about how your Business Analysts can start creating your own meaningful visuals from your Student CRM data.

Her question "my dog?", your answer "yes" 🐶

In this screenshot, the student got an answer to her question immediately. She just typed in her question and got an instant answer from the Data Harvesting Q&A web form on your university web site.  

Searching through thousands of articles in your own knowledge base within Q&A returns results that help your students along their recruitment journey. Even when your officers are busy or your offices are closed, this self-service online tool keeps working.


Such anonymous student interactions are somewhat inevitable in the early stages of recruitment, but these light touches soon blossom into data capture and a personalised journey to application for many students.

Q&A is just one of a number of ready-to-go recruitment solutions within Student CRM that improve the way you recruit students online.

Student CRM was built in the UK specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by UK Universities. It runs in the cloud and is used by many of the UK's leading Universities in preference to their old systems.

As at 16:58 today, our customer satisfaction rating see our love-o-meter stands at an industry leading 98.4%.